Monster Go 3Ai Smart Cube Speed Cube

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  • 3x3 cube with compatible "Cube Station"app that helps you solve it as a beginner and improve yourself as a cuber. 
  • Inside replaceable battery, it offers a 280-hour play time. 
  • In-"Cube Station"app video tutorial and 7-step solving instruction, even a beginner can quickly learn to solve individually. 
  • Monster Go Smart Cube measures and saves your solve in 4 parameters: Time/Move/TPS/Fluency.
    Online battle is also available in MG3 Ai. Match same level opponent within seconds, anytime, anywhere!
  • Intelligence and performance are perfectly combined in MG3 Ai. Weight only 81g while adopting sensors, battery, circuit board iniside, and still keeps great handfeel and excellent corner cutting. Turns smoothly!

Product specification


56x56x56mm / 2.2x2.2x2.2 inch


81 g


ABS Plastic

Battery Type

CR1632 button cell

Battery Life

About 280 Hours