Grand Finals of Smartcubing Super League Season 2: Tymon Rules!

Grand Finals of Smartcubing Super League Season 2: Tymon Rules!

After two days of intense competition, the S2 Smartcubing Super League Finals concluded on August 20th! The top three winners and their rankings have been determined after fierce battles. So, who emerged victorious?

Grand Finals Conclusion: Rankings Revealed
The Top Four are:
1st Place: Tymon Kolasiński
2nd Place: Wang Yiheng
3rd Place: Xu Ruihang
4th Place: Du Yufang


Tymon Dominated the Match

Tymon dominates the games! After securing an Average Best time of 3.960 seconds in the semi-finals on August 19th, Tymon maintained an undefeated record leading up to the championship match. His performance was unbeatable, earning him the title of "invincible." 

The competition followed the BAO5 scoring format, which involves discarding the two worst times out of five attempts and calculating the average of the remaining times. In the championship showdown against Wang Yiheng, Tymon faced an initial setback by trailing behind by a mere 0.01 seconds in the first round. Yiheng managed to surge forward with a 2-0 victory. 

Tymon's flawless record before this match allowed him a revival opportunity, according to the SSL's rulings. Wang Yiheng, coming from the loser's bracket, needed to defeat Tymon twice to secure the championship. 

But the competition landscape was changing rapidly. In a critical moment for Tymon, he performed exceptionally: out of 15 solves in a head-to-head matchup, he achieved a stable average of 12 solves in the 4-second range! His dominance was unquestionable and well-deserved.

Wang Yiheng Achieves Sub-3 Among Other Unbelievable Moves

Although Wang Yiheng narrowly missed the championship, he left an impressive mark that astonished all cube enthusiasts: the fastest single solve time of 2.732 seconds!

Earlier in the day, he achieved four single solves under 4 seconds, one average solve time under 4 seconds, and eight average solve times under 4.5 seconds!

XU Ruihang Showcased Fastest 14.9 TPS

Xu Ruihang showed extraordinary finger speed, with a TPS (Turns Per Second) as high as 14.9, and an astonishing 20.9 in parts of the OLL stage!

Du Yufang Not Just an Average Contestant

Du Yufang's performance was commendable, displaying remarkable precision beyond his years. He secured victories decisively in advantageous rounds, taking down Jiang Lingkun 2-0. In disadvantaged rounds, he fearlessly countered Tymon and Wang Yiheng's sub-4.5 times with multiple sub-5 solves.

Splendid Shows of Other Players

The final day's extraordinary shows include sub-4.5 times achieved by Tymon, Wang Yiheng, Xu Ruihang, Feliks Zemdegs, and Zhang Bofan. 

Apart from these achievements, Twan and Feliks consistently built up energy and demonstrated unexpected breakthroughs, providing additional excitement.

With countless remarkable moments like these, those at the scene and watching the live broadcast undoubtedly had a deep appreciation.

All participants and viewers, as well as all fans around the globe, have made this event an unforgettable event. Through this opportunity, we hope more people can experience the allure of smartcubing and develop an understanding and passion for this sport.

Extravagant Rewards! Grand Finals Top 16 Take Home $23,000 in Prizes

Beyond the awe-inspiring moments from participants and the electrifying atmosphere at the event, even the award ceremony was a highlight. The reason? The prize money was incredibly substantial!

Annual Champion Tymon Kolasiński received a prize of $10,000. He also claimed an additional $1,500 for securing the Average Best Solving Time award. Congratulations to Tymon, who earned $11,500 over the two days.

Annual Runner-up Wang Yiheng received a prize of $4,000. He also clinched the best single-solve with a time of 2.732 seconds, adding another $1,000 to his winnings.

Annual Third Place Xu Ruihang received a prize of $2,000. Annual Fourth Place Du Yufang received a prize of $1,000. Annual Top 8 – Jiang Lingkun, Zhang Bofan, Feliks Zemdegs, and Twan Dullemond – each received a prize of $500.

Annual Top 16 – Chen Guangmei, Chen Zhen, Han Yezhen, Wang Yuzhe, Alexander Bashutkin, Alexandre Carlier, Brennen Lin, and Leo Borromeo – each received a prize of $200.

Final Words

Once again, congratulations to the 16 Rubik's Cube masters for their exceptional achievements, collectively winning a total of $23,100 in prizes. GAN Cubes has been devoted significantly to this event, and we're grateful for the recognition from the media and fans alike. This was a feast for Rubik's Cube enthusiasts and a promotion of Rubik's Cube culture. Thank you for being a part of it. Farewell to Season 2, and onward to Season 3!


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