GAN356 i 3 Smart Cube

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GAN356 i3 is the world's first Bluetooth cube with adjustable magnets which allow you to choose from 7 different magnetic strengths.

Can participate in online competitions to win rewards, and compete online with world champions.

  • Gyroscope technology allows movement tracking, Support Al academy, synchronized animation display, and up to 50k+ solves, well prepared for every online battle!
  • Equipped with smart core 3.0, make GAN356 i 3 upgraded to almost 0 steps lost, 15 hrs battery life, and 365 days standby time.
  •  GAN356 i 3 has GAN's newest magnets system, GMS v4, not only with 7 levels of magnets strength but also 9 kinds of tension adjustments, a total of 63 setting choices. Just a simple turn to  complete the adjustment, 
  • CONNECT TO OTHER SMART GADGETS & DISCOVER MORE: With GAN Robot(sold separately) the GAN356 i3 can be solved in 5 seconds!

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Video Tutorial

gan 356 i3 smart cube

Never Ending Cube Enjoyment!

smart cubing

Ranking Time Trial

Don't know what level your PB is at? CubeStation helps you! Join in the ranking time trial, and go challenge the PB!

smart cubing

Multi-player Match

Team up with online multi-player to be the NO1 in the game of 2-20 cubers, which make you get more fun!

smart cubing

Ranking Tournament

The 1VS1 global ranking tournament can improve achievement level, join and find out what you can get now!

gan i3 bluetooth smart cube

Everyone Can Train Like a Pro!

smartcubing online learning

Check Over

Learn once check once, and keep it firmly in mind. Learn and check until the mission is clear.

smartcubing online training

Particular Training

Targeted practice makes effective improvement, go to timer mode and perfect yourself by massive targeted practice.

smartcubing online data analysis

Data Analysis

GAN 356i3 check and analyze data in 5 parameters: Time/Step/Swivel/TPS/Fluency. Solves are saved thousands of times over to help understand all your strengths and weaknesses.

smart cube accessories

GAN356 i 3 - Makes every solve a hyper enjoyment.

Product specification


56x56x56mm / 2.2x2.2x2.2 inch


About 88g

Battery Type

3.7V lithium

Working Time

About 15 Hours

Charging Time

About 1.5 Hours