GAN Cube Robot Auto Scramble and Solving

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  • SCRAMBLED IN, ARRANGED OUT: Don't know how to solve a magic cube? GAN Robot is your brain saver. Connect to the Cube Station app and solve with a simple click. Support 356 i 3 / 356 i Carry / 356 i Carry S / Monster go 3Ai / 12 ui FreePlay (and more GAN Cubes in future).
  • FOCUS ON SOLVING, NOT SCRAMBLING: Scramble is so boring, why not give it to GAN Robot? It masters 43 quintillion kinds of possible patterns, seamlessly combined with APP’s training and battle mode.
  • A PRODUCT OF FUTURE INTELLIGENCE: The cube can be recognized in whatever direction it's been put in and Robot instantly gives out the best algorithm. Support dual cubes for OLL, PLL, or specified scramble practice.
  • DESIGN FOR CONVENIENCE: GAN Robot is foldable and portable with a quakeproof, non-slip desk; It has 5 claws that grip the cube firmly and turn precisely, and a button to fetch your cube in a simple way.
  • STAY CONNECTED WITH GAN CUBE: By choosing GAN Cube, you are choosing the world's most successful cube brand. No worry about missing parts or unpleasant experiences, our CS Team will make you satisfied.
  • Compatible with: 356 i 3 / 356 i Carry / 356 i Carry S / Monster go 3Ai / 12 ui FreePlay (and more GAN Cubes in future).
gan cube robot

Hi, I am GAN ROBOT. Your first intelligent cube robot.
GAN ROBOT(hereinafter called “GR”), is GAN’s pioneering global first intelligent cube robot for vast consumers.

smart cube robot

Full Scrambles
Unable or disinclined to scramble? GR masters 43 quintillion kinds of scramble, precisely cooperating with APP’s training and battle functions.
● Solving in 5 Seconds
No matter how complicated a cube is, GR will calculate the best solving path in 0.01s, and solve it in 5 seconds. That's even faster than the average 3x3 of any human beings!
Smart Play
Connected with Cube Station APP, GR can do solving and scrambling with a finger click. Support dual cube and certain algorithm practise in future.

cube robots

Pair Other Cubers
Use GR to free your hands. The five-axis servo system on GR, is composed of power station, power arms and X-shaped grippers which turn 90 degrees to place cubes accurately.
● Dual-Stable System
Strong stability. Hold cubes steady. Square Box Station fixes the power arm to avoid shaking. Non-slip rubber mat to strongly avoid shift. Dual-stable system is worth to choose.
Microbrain Center
GR’s command comes from Microbrain Center, being able to receive and send each command quickly, and guide five-axis servomechanism to perform instantaneously, solve/scramble cubes accurately.

smart cube robot structure

Foldable and Portable
GR weighs about 500g. After GR is folded, the size reduces about 50%, easy to carry.
● All-Direction Recognition
You can put the cube in any direction. GR will fully recognize the scrambling state of the cube
Easy to Fetch
Push the GAN logo button, power arms will open in each direction, put a cube in the robot; then loosen the button, power arms will catch the cube instantly and tightly. The whole process just takes one second.

gan robot function

Training/Battle Assistant
Random/Specified Scramble Functions help you to solve cubes intently.
● Competition Assistant
Scrambling cubes uniformly in competitions is more justice and accurate.
AI Teaching Function
Cooperating with APP, GR guides you to solve cubes step by step.