GAN356 i Carry S Smart Cube

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i Series: 356 i Carry S
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  • LONG-LASTING, BUDGET CHOICE OF GAN SMART SERIES: GAN356 i Carry S is the upgrade version of GAN356 i Carry. This 3x3 cube fits both little kids and speed cubers, with an inside replaceable battery providing 330-hour playtime.
  • EASY TO PICK UP, HARD TO PUT DOWN: With an in-app video tutorial and 7-step solving instruction, even a beginner can quickly learn to solve individually. Get one and you'll soon be attracted and addicted to this smart cube.
  • TRACKING AND BATTLE, AS ALWAYS: 356 i Carry S measures and saves your solve in 4 parameters: Time/Move/TPS/Fluency. The online battle is also available in i Carry S. Match same-level opponents within seconds, anytime, anywhere!
  • DESIGNED PROFESSIONALLY FOR SPEED CUBING: Intelligence and performance are perfectly combined in GAN i carry S. Weight only 81g while adopting sensors, battery, and circuit board inside. What's more, it comes with extra sets of springs and nuts for further tuning.
  • Battery type:356 i Carry S is using 2 LR44 button cells

User Manual

GAN 356 i Carry S Smart Cube
Smart cube animation guide

Step by step

Solid fundation with animation guide on cube structure, finger tricks and algorithms. No more abstract tutorials.

Smart cube AI guide

All leads you to solve the cube

Take photos or fill in the colors. It will recognize the stats of the cube and lead the way in solving the cube.

Smart cube player lessons

Unlock the limitation with professional view

Well-designed lessons to cover every point to solve the cube.

Find good algorithms in the Square. Collect and sort in your own algorithms library.

Check the reconstruction videos from ranking top players and get inspired at any time you want!

You no longer play cube alone anymore. Unlimited friends and companions are waiting for you to join.

  • Invite your friend to start a game!
  • Challenge a new PB!
  • Group battle. Be the No.1.

You can light up your name on global ranking list if you are outstanding enough in single time trial.