GAN356 i Carry Smart Cube

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i Series: 356 i Carry
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  • 3x3 Smart cube play online---Training&Global battle and win rewards
  • Supporting tutorials--5hrs can be a real cuber
  • Replaceable battery providing 280-hour playtime.
  •  Enjoy all of the options and features of the GAN with the advanced Edge model!
  • Battery type: 356 i Carry is using 1 CR1632 button cell.
  • Battery Life: 280 Hours
  • Weight: 76g

User Manual

Video Tutorial

      gan 356 i carry smart cube

      Great cube for all ages and all levels

      smart cube online learning

      Everyone, even if a kid aged 3 to 4, can learn solving in 5hrs.

      magic cube solving

      Online matching to increase your speed in solving.

      Professional tutorial programs

      gan356 i carry bluetooth smart cube

      Algorithm Library

      You can learn with more than 200 algorithms, and even support you to create your own algorithm.

      samrt cube app data analysis

      Professional Analysis

      Every single move and solve will be tracked and analyzed in the application, and you can clearly know which part needs improvement.

      Match any level opponent within seconds, anytime, anywhere!

      gan cube station app

      Closer look to GAN 356 i Carry details

      280 Hour Playtime
      The GAN 356 iCarry is powered by a button cell battery that give you extra 280-hour playtime! What if it runs out? No worries, battery is replaceable.
      Various Tension Adjustment
      The smart cube can be easily tuned as you wish. We offer 2 extra sets of springs and nut caps, that you can swap to have different feelings.
      Visible Magnets
      GAN 356 i carry has total of 48 visible magnets. We are proud to design the fitted slots to set all magnets in firm, noticeable, and secure positions.
      Splendid Corner-Cutting
      Pieces are designed to be anti-cornertwist & anti-POP while maintain great corner-cutting ability to keep best performance even in high speed turning.
      cubestation app