GAN12 ui FreePlay Smart Cube

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Type: Cube + Charging base
Free Play Series: 12 ui Free Play
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Configuration list

  • ID Card
  • Smart cube user manual
  • Type-C USB cable
  • Turning rod & magnet bars
  • GAN bag 
  • Beginner & CFOP tutorial 
  • Tutorial card for smart cube beginner
  • Charging tool

User Manual

Video Tutorial

GAN 12 ui FreePlay Smart Cube
gan speed cube structure

Speed cube structure

Optimizing the structure by decreasing speed cube core size and restructuring the centerpieces. GAN 12 ui FreePlay got a qualitative leap on handy feel, corner cutting, and anti-pop.

gan smart cube core

Intelligencen & Magnetism

The advanced smart core can track every turning and reduce the starting resistance to burst out your speed.

gan cube magnetic

Flawless transmission

The core has 6-angle sensors that can capture every move sensitively and flawlessly, greatly preventing step lose.

Online cubing tournament

Breaking geographical restrictions, viewing or attending all the online competitions, no matter where you are.

gan smart cube app
gan cube smart app
gan cube app
gan smart cube app


*All the data for GAN ui FreePlay series are measured under controlled environments and may vary to different extents under different external environments and usage. Please refer to the actual user experience as standard.
① Weight is measured manually and may exist differences due to craft process and measuring method in reality.
② "90° Corner-cutting" refers to negative 55° + positive 35°.
364 magnets in the corner and edge pieces form the edge-corner magnet system.
③ ”15° auto aligning" refers to the scene if the cube turns to an angle of 159 or smaller, the cube will automatically align by the magnet force.
④ "Decreasing core size" refers that the size of the GAN ui FreePlay series being 23% smaller than that of GAN356 i's.
⑤ "360° Turning Style Tracking" means that the cube can sensitively record any rotation when solving due to the high accuracy of the resolution of the built-in encoder.
⑥ "8 Omni bearing magnets " means that 8 magnets are evenly spread on the core of the GAN ui FreePlay series.
⑦ Competitions sometimes might change due to uncontrollable factors. Please refer to the actual announcement in the APP as standard.
⑧ "Charging Time" refers to the time the cube needs to be fully charged from no power.
⑨ "'Battery Life" refers to the time of continuous uninterrupted use of the Smart Cube after a full charge until the state of no power.