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GAN Smart Cubing, the trailblazing brand in the realm of smart cubes, is delighted to unveil our latest masterpiece, the GAN 13 Maglev Coloré. Designed exclusively for the summer season, this limited edition cube promises to revolutionize the cubing experience for enthusiasts worldwide.

Overview of the GAN 13 Maglev Coloré

The GAN 13 Maglev Coloré, the latest member of the GAN 13 Maglev 13 family. With its cutting-edge features and stunning design, it offers an unrivaled solving experience for cubers of all skill levels. Whether you're a seasoned speedcuber or a casual enthusiast, the GAN 13 Maglev Coloré will elevate your cubing prowess to new heights.

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Multi-tier reinforcement core for enhanced positioning

One of the key innovations in the GAN 13 Maglev Coloré is its multi-tier reinforcement core. This advanced GAN Magnetic Core 3.0 design ensures optimal positioning and stability during solves, allowing for precise and accurate moves. Whether you're executing algorithms or performing complex finger tricks, the multi-tier reinforcement core provides the foundation for exceptional solving performance.

Advanced magnetic cores for automatic repositioning

The GAN 13 Maglev Coloré features advanced magnetic cores that offer automatic repositioning capabilities. These cores allow the cube to realign itself from up to 30 degrees, ensuring smooth and seamless rotations even when executing complex algorithms. This feature eliminates any potential misalignments and ensures that your solving experience remains consistent and uninterrupted, allowing for efficient solving and increased accuracy.

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Lightweight design for ease of movement

Despite its advanced features, the GAN 13 Maglev Coloré remains impressively lightweight. It weighs only 0.1583 lbs. This lightweight design allows for effortless movements, reducing fatigue during extended cubing sessions. Whether you're practicing for competitions or enjoying leisurely solves, the GAN 13 Maglev Coloré's lightweight construction ensures a comfortable and enjoyable cubing experience.

Solid, flexible, and elastic characteristics

The GAN 13 Maglev Coloré boasts a unique combination of rigidity, flexibility, and elasticity. This dynamic construction enables smooth and seamless rotations, ensuring that your solutions are not hindered by unnecessary friction or resistance. With the GAN 13 Maglev Coloré, you can expect buttery-smooth turns and fluid movements that enhance your solving speed and overall experience.

Magnetism-adjustable features for a customizable solving experience

Personalization is critical in the world of cubing, and the GAN 13 Maglev Coloré delivers on that front. With its magnetism-adjustable features, you can fine-tune the cube's magnetic strength to suit your solving preferences. Whether you prefer a lighter touch or a stronger magnetic feel, the GAN 13 Maglev Coloré provides the flexibility to customize your solving experience, making it truly your own.

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Unlock Exclusive Bonuses with the GAN 13 Maglev Coloré

Special avatar frame in GAN CubeStation App

GAN Smart Cubing offers an exclusive special avatar frame for your GAN CubeStation App. This unique frame allows you to personalize your online cubing presence and showcase your association with the cutting-edge GAN 13 Maglev Coloré. Stand out from the crowd and let your virtual avatar reflect your exceptional cubing skills and style.

Access to unique skin effects

In addition to the special avatar frame, the purchase of the GAN 13 Maglev Coloré grants you access to a range of captivating skin effects. These exclusive effects add a touch of flair and individuality to your cube, allowing you to customize its appearance and make a statement while solving. Transform your GAN 13 Maglev Coloré into a visual masterpiece and let your personality shine through. 

The GAN 13 Maglev Coloré is a limited edition, available exclusively for the summer season. This adds an element of exclusivity and desirability to the product, making it highly sought-after among cubers and collectors. Owning the GAN 13 Maglev Coloré not only enhances your solving experience but also establishes your connection to a unique and coveted item in the cubing community.

Embodying the spirit of summer, the GAN 13 Maglev Coloré boasts vibrant and eye-catching colors. Captures the essence of the season. With the GAN 13 Maglev Coloré in yo ur hands, you can embrace the summer vibes and add a splash of excitement to your cubing sessions.

Own a piece of cubing history
As a limited edition offering, the GAN 13 Maglev Coloré represents a unique opportunity to own a piece of cubing history. Add this exclusive cube to your collection and become part of a select group of cubers who have experienced the cutting-edge technology and exceptional craftsmanship that GAN Smart Cubing is renowned for.

Remarkable Past Limited Editions

2022 Winter Edition: GAN 13 Maglev "Kunlun"

The golden-finish edition of the legendary Maglev cube is dedicated to the masters in the hype of Chinese New Year.

gan13 m

2022 Summer Edition: GAN 12 Maglev "CHAN"

With a touch of natural green and pinky red, the special edition of GAN 12 Maglev chills the summer heat out for cool minds and moves.

gan12 m

2021 Winter Edition: GAN 12 Maglev "Peacock"

Splendid with a special emerald coating, the first special edition of the GAN 12 Maglev cube adds a sense of luxury to the game.


2021 Summer Edition: GAN 11 M Pro "Ambition / Glimmer / Chaser / Zenith"

Not just one, but four versions in this Edition together mark the summer's vibe of fierce competition.

gan11 m pro


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