GAN 356 i Carry Smart Cube Video Instruction

GAN356 i carry – Tension Adjustment Instruction

1. Open the center cap.
2. Press the tension nut to the bottom and turn the core foot 90° to the release position. Take out the tension nut.
3. Swap in the new tension nut and set it up properly (reserve step 2 operation).
4. Install the center cap.
5. Repeat on the other sides.

GAN356 i carry – Changing Battery Instruction

1. Disassemble the yellow side.
2. Unscrew the screws and remove the battery lid.
3. Pull out the battery compartment and remove the battery.
4. Load in a new battery with the negative pole facing up.
5. Push back the battery compartment and screw the lid back in position.
6. Reassemble the cube.