Setting Up GAN Cube Station App for Cube Timer and More

Setting Up GAN Cube Station App for Cube Timer and More

When GAN Cubes pioneered the concept of "smart cubing", we didn't just mean the hardwars known as smart cubes. We also worked hard to bring to you a smart App on your smartphone that brings you online cubing timers, battle communities, move counts, and much more. When we combined smart app development with our hardware, here comes the GAN Cube Station app, your Gateway to smart cubing.

Today, even if you're new to the world of smart cubing, you will quickly learn that the GAN Cube Station App is your essential companion. Designed for both newbies and seasoned cubers, this app enhances your cubing experience, connecting you to a global community and offering a range of features that cater to all levels. Let’s dive into how to set it up and explore its myriad functionalities.

Easy Setup for Endless Fun on Cube Station

Firstly, downloading Cube Station is a breeze. Available on major app stores, it's accessible for most mobile devices, and even on Macs with Apple silicon. Once installed, a simple onboarding process, which includes enabling Bluetooth for cube connection, will guide you through. After agreeing to the terms of service and privacy policy, you can create a new account using your email or phone number, or sign in if you already have one.

Connecting Your GAN Smart Cube

To connect your GAN Smart Cube, simply wake it up with a few turns until its lights flash. In the app, tap the device button, select your cube from the list, and hit connect. Remember to bind the cube to your account for security benefits. If the digital cube doesn’t match your real-life solved cube, use the solved sync button for instant correction.

Calibration to Ensure Accuracy

Calibration is key, especially if your cube has gyroscopic features. For this, align the orientations of your real cube and the virtual one on a flat surface. Familiarize yourself with this process, as you may need to recalibrate occasionally due to common gyroscopic inaccuracies.

Delving into the Features: Cube Training, Matches, and Academy

After simple steps, your GAN Cube Station app is ready to work for you. Let's walk you through the main features of the app, so that you can enjoy smart cubing from beginning to mastering.

Smart Cube Training Section: Solo Play and Practice

In the training section, you'll find the Timer, the heart of Cube Station, where you can solve and get detailed breakdowns of your times. Choose from various scramble options and timer modes for a tailored experience. Start solving with a simple click or a quick U and U' move. Post-solve, you’ll get a comprehensive analysis of your solve, including time, moves, TPS, and fluency index.

Global Fastcubing Match Section: Connecting with the World

The match section is where the competition heats up. Create rooms in multiplayer mode, challenge others, and see how you rank globally in time trials and qualifying modes. In time trials, your best 20 solves of the week count, while qualifying pits you against others in a more serious monthly leaderboard. Experience the thrill of WCA-style competitions, right from your device

Magic Cube Academy: Learning and Improving

For beginners or those looking to refine their skills, the academy section offers AI and Monster Go tutorials, along with video guides. Access these features using a code from your cube's accessory box. You can get everything you need to acquire to play smart Rubik's cubes, from cube solves to cube customization ideas.

Customizing Your App Profile: Show Your Style

Personalize your Cube Station experience by setting up your profile. Choose an avatar, frame, flag, and various effects to make your profile unique. Keep in mind, custom avatars need approval, and some frames and effects might require participation in competitions.

The GAN Cube Station App is more than just a timer; it's a comprehensive tool that transforms your cubing practice. Whether you're a beginner or a fastcubing veteran, it offers a wealth of features to explore, practice, and compete. Setting up and using the app is straightforward, ensuring that you spend less time configuring and more time cubing. As part of the GAN family, we're excited to offer you this cutting-edge app, making your cubing journey more enjoyable and connected. Happy cubing!




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