The Epic Journey of GAN Cubes: Pioneers of Intelligent Cubes

The Epic Journey of GAN Cubes: Pioneers of Intelligent Cubes

Today, GAN Cubes has been a brand of worldwide recognition. According to The New York Times, GAN Cubes is among the top three best fast cubes in the world. But do you know how we developed into today's leadership? Let's embark on a thrilling journey through the remarkable history of GAN Smart Cubes.

High-Performance Series of Smart Cubes

From its inception in 2019 to the present day, GAN has been at the forefront of cube innovation, crafting a story filled with twists, turns, and a touch of pride.

The Intelligent Revolution: GAN356 i

In the year 2019, GAN unleashed a game-changing creation upon the cubing world – the GAN356 i, the very first smart cube in the GAN lineup. It was a moment that would go down in our history as a groundbreaking leap in cube technology. Cubes are no longer just mere puzzles; they have transformed into intelligent companions for cubers.

The GAN356 i was inarguably a technological marvel, replacing the traditional core with GAN's intelligent numerical adjustment core. It featured a separate precision tensioning system, a magnetic chamber, and a classic anti-pop design, making it a favorite among speedcubers.

With this cube, global cubing battles became a reality, as it intelligently recorded and analyzed crucial performance metrics such as time, moves, rotations, TPS (turns per second), and smoothness. The GAN356 i was not just a revelation in cubing but also a testament to technological prowess. And who could forget those days when you had to shake it five times to wake it up? Ah, the nostalgia of Cube Station in its early days!

Second and Third Generations: GAN356 i2 and GAN356 i3

But progress was in the air, and soon, GAN introduced the GAN356 i2, fine-tuning the cube with enhancements in wake-up methods, battery life, and overall performance.

Then came the third generation, the beloved GAN356 i3, equipped with the Smart Numerical Core 3.0. It set new benchmarks in speed, battery life, and various other performance aspects.

Yet, the real game-changer was the 7-level magnetic adjustment – a feature that gave the intelligent cube the power of magnetic tuning, elevating the tactile experience to the next level. That magnetic allure was indeed hard to resist.

The Entry-Level Wonders of Smart Cubes

While the GAN356 i was making waves in the high-performance category, GAN had a delightful surprise in store for beginners. Yes, we are talking about the GAN356 i play – the first entry-level intelligent cube.

GAN356 i play and GAN356 i play 2

It retained the essence of its predecessor, the GAN356 i, albeit without the gyroscope. Nonetheless, it offered great value for money, longer battery life, and quickly found a special place in the hearts of new cubers.

Then came GAN356 i play2, with improvements in fast charging, battery life, and standby time, making it an ideal choice for those taking their first steps into the world of intelligent cubes.

GAN356 i carry
And just when the newcomers were yearning for the next iteration, GAN356 i carry emerged, striding confidently with its game-changing features. It introduced a rechargeable button battery, skyrocketing the battery life to an impressive 280 hours. It also offered expert tutorials, AI recognition, and animated guidance, making it the ultimate choice for those who wanted to master cubing in a fun and relaxed way.

GAN356 i carry S
Last but not least, GAN356 i carry S burst onto the scene, bringing a double upgrade to the ball axis and an astounding 330-hour battery life. It was a dream come true for budget-conscious cube enthusiasts, shining brightly at an amazing price. Oh, did I mention that it's only released in March 2023?

Flagship Series

Being a flagship means excelling in every way. The most inarguable smart cube in the market is the GAN 12 ui. You will learn why.

GAN12 ui

The flagship of the intelligent cube world is the awe-inspiring GAN12 ui. It's where performance reaches its zenith, featuring all-core positioning, full-speed structure, and 90° full fault tolerance technologies. This 65g lightweight cube is a game-changer for both novices and seasoned cubers alike.

The Future of GAN Cubes

With a grand total of eight intelligent cubes in the GAN family, you might be wondering which ones have had the privilege of finding a spot in your collection. It's a journey filled with surprises, innovations, and, of course, a dash of humor that only GAN Cubes can deliver.

So, if we were to gift you a brand-new, "ceiling-shattering" intelligent cube, what would it be like? We dare you to step up and let us know!

About Us

GAN Cubes, a name synonymous with innovation, technology, and endless cubing adventures, proudly welcomes you to explore the remarkable history of intelligent cubes. Enjoy the journey, and who knows, you might find a few hidden surprises along the way!

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